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Alberta snapshot: Canola fields and sky.

Flowery Prose


Photographed 7 July 2014, near Hanna, Alberta.

Even though canola fields in bloom are a common sight on the Prairies at this time of year, there’s no way I could ever grow tired of those brilliant swaths of yellow. I once had a summer job at the museum in Fort St. John, British Columbia, where I learned to work the till in the gift shop. With our location on the Alaska Highway, we were a popular spot for tourists to drop in for maps and other information, and I remember that the postcard I sold the most copies of featured a canola field under a stormy grey sky. “What are those beautiful yellow flowers?” was the third most popular question, behind “Do bears eat people?” and “Where is the washroom?”     🙂

Is canola or rapeseed a common agricultural crop where you live?

What is canola?

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Another Super Moon is here…..Astarte spreads her wings again!


Photo credit:  Spiritual Events Directory shared Chris Crocker‘s photo. on Facebook

“A Super Moon is when the Moon is closer to the earth than

at any other time making it appear much bigger in the sky.

The scientific name for this is a Lunarperigee. The Super

Moon will bring high tides and heightened emotions.”

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Sunny… A poem and a painting, by a guy named Joe

Iamforchange's Blog



I was walking through town in the rain and snow

Window shopping looking at art

Came across a Van Gogh

Bright yet dark in a beautiful way

“Sunflowers on Gold”

The painting brightened up a cloudy day


I was sitting in a park on a pond bank

A fresh piece of canvas

On which to paint

A memory of a beautiful day

Bright yet dark in a beautiful way

Inspired the painting I painted today

Bright and sunny on a dark red

Beautiful flowers I saw inside my head

Bright yet dark in a beautiful way

I wanted to share a poem a piece of art and a bit of my heart. I love art in all it’s shapes and forms, as I grow older I find a greater appreciation of art. I suppose it is another flower as I rushed though life I didn’t…

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