Spectacular Silk Floss Tree!


Thorny Trunk of Tree Thorny Trunk of Tree

Tree in Early Spring Tree in Early Spring

Close-up of Branches and Pods Close-up of Branches and Pods

Pod Bursting Open to Reveal Silk Pod Bursting Open to Reveal Silk

Cottony Silk Ball on Tree Cottony Silk Ball on Tree

The Silk Floss Tree is spectacular year round!  It is native to Brazil and Argentina, and can be quickly recognized by its spiny trunk.  In Fall the tree drops its leaves and becomes covered with clouds of pink flowers.  The lily-like flowers produce rich nectar and attract abundant butterflies.  By early spring (before leafing out) it is covered with avocado-like seed pods filled with cottony silk.  This exotic tree puts on quite a show!  It grows well in mild climates like Florida and California.  I want to plant one soon!

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A Way To Keep The Tea Cosy

Our Growing Paynes

We’ll be seeing my in-laws this summer and I wanted to knit something for my MIL. We enjoyed looking at patterns and getting yarn in the past together and I wanted to do a quick project. Because they have a B & B she uses tea cosies so I looked for a pattern. I wanted to do a sheep theme as she has a few sheep themed items. I couldn’t find a good one! Well I found one that was a pasture scene on Ravelry which was pretty but all that was posted was a picture. No pattern. So I went in a different direction as I’m not quite at a place where I could come up with my own pattern.

I found this pattern for Chamomile Flower cosy. I found some gorgeous burgundy wool as I really don’t like beige or colours close to beige. Think that comes from…

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Until the intellect understands the spirit……..


Photo Credit: shared by LIORA http://www.twinflame1111.com on Facebook

“We certainly realize that we have reached the limit of our intellectual comprehension, and that at this boundary of the earthly we must now at last dare to take the vital step of objectively including, on the basis of the Laws of Creation, the beyond-earthly happening in our earnest seeking and investigating.
This actually means a spiritual revolution, a great inner turning point, a changing of places between intellect and spirit”
– Herbert Vollmann

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