Stairway to Haven

Ethereal Nature


I would not disturb the sodden leaves
whose corpses now decompose
upon these ancient steps.
Lest it rouse the ghosts
of those unsettled souls
who ascended from here to eternity.

One can’t use that final line without feeling more than a little self-conscious, so here’s a footnote:
The title of the film “From Here to Eternity” comes originally from a quote from Rudyard Kipling’s 1892 poem “Gentlemen-Rankers”, about soldiers of the British Empire who had “lost [their] way” and were “damned from here to eternity”.

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Little Libraries

I never knew they ever existed……a fabulous idea !!

Ethereal Nature

On my walk this morning I discovered that I have not just one, not two, not three, but FOUR Little Libraries my neighborhood!

Here they are, each unique, but all variations on such a quaint theme, pictured in order of my discovery of them.  I love the Little Library concept and the fact that there are four so close to me makes a wonderful statement about the quality and literacy of my neighbors.   This is so cool!

AMENDMENT TO THE BLOG ~  actually there are FIVE!   Just added the 5th picture.

Had I not decided to wend my walk down different ways, I never would have stumbled upon them.   So it seems there is much to be said for varying one’s comings and goings and not getting stuck in a routine.  Who knows what one might encounter.

I have “checked out” a book from each of them.

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Iphone editing apps

Photos or water colours? Beautiful !

Craig Poltock

IMG_3196IMG_3213I’ve been messing around with some different apps recently and have enjoyed some of the effects they have produced. Distressed FX and Mextures allow for some great textures and grunge effects, even allowing the placement of some Birds!! The great thing about this is that you can develop an image way beyond it’s humble low megapixel output, even enough for some great print quality. I’m not really interested in the is it proper photography or not debate and will avoid all arguments from either side, all I know is that I like the way my images are turning out and am enjoying the photographic process again after becoming a bit disillusioned with it all from the not too distant past. I have used all different types of cameras from 110 film compacts, polaroids and film SLR’s right through to Digital SLR’s and compact cameras and have printed my own images…

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